Scones & Doughnuts

So, being a photographer I should have more blog posts about my recent work. I am hoping to get there soon, but its always at the bottom of my never-ending list. But, SOON.

I wanted to share a little bit about my adventures last week with you guys! I am currently uploading client galleries and sending print orders off, so what better thing to do than to blog?! ;)

Last Thursday, I went on a trip to NOLA at 8am with a long time friend of mine. I hadn't seen her in awhile, so it was amazing getting to catch up with her and talk about what God is doing in our lives! Can I just say that lately, all I want is fruitful relationships. We have relationships because of God, and He should be the center of them. Whether it be friendships or love-relationships, Christ should be the foundation of them all. If not, like anything without God, it'll fail.

Any who, now that I've poured my heart out, I want to share some photos!

Well, I only have one....Madelyn & I talked and explored Magazine street and honestly, I didn't even think of snapping more photos. We talked too much and were in awe of this amazing city. We went to District Donuts (SO GOOD) and went into little vintage shops for a few hours. I'm a pretty simple person when it comes to food. I don't like "filled" things and I am always scared of getting toppings on donuts because I am afraid of the texture. Texture is weird. I'm not about that. So, I got a plain, cinnamon sugar donut. It was the best decision I made that day. Madelyn ordered a "Mexican chocolate" donut. Apparently,( she didn't know what "mexican" chocolate was....

We're sitting there eating and she looks at me and says, "Something is kind of hot. Like my mouth is hot. I think its the coffee."

Of course, I start laughing because she has no idea that Mexican chocolate is a SPICY chocolate. It was really funny, and I guess you had to be there. Lol!


I get nervous taking photos in restaurants because I never know their policy, so I always make it quick!

The next day, Friday, I went to the English Tea Room in Covington with two of my closest friends! We see each other at least once or twice a week, so this outing was not out of the norm.

We drank tea (we got vanilla chai and chocolate chai) and had scones! BTW, if you love carbs, you'll LOOOOOOOVE these scones. They are THE best that I have ever had and I crave them on the daily. We got vanilla, though they usually have a "flavor of the day." I never get the flavor of the day because I love the vanilla. Like I said, simple kind of person. After two hours of pinky's up, we went outside and decided to have a photo shoot. Hannah tried to skateboard and a massive rock made her flip. Y'all. I was hurting from laughing so hard. There are people in this world that will make sure you are okay, and there's also people in this world that will be on the ground with you laughing AT you. That person was me. I couldn't breathe, it was SOOOO funny. And I only caught her on the ground...FAIL.

It was a great two days! <3 BTW, these were taken on a D750 with a 35mm.