Brennan & Rachel Engagement <3

As most of you know, I specialize in weddings. It's my main focus. It's what I watch classes and practice with so I can capture everything above and beyond perfect. After a season of learning, I had my first engagement session in quite a while and I couldn't wait to put everything I've been learning into action!

We met at a location in Baton Rouge that is literally my favorite. The light was perfect, the weather was perfect, I couldn't have asked for a better day! We started taking pictures and I soon realized that it's not what I can do to make a picture's my client. How they talk to each other, how they look at each other, how they smile at one another....It's all about them! That being said, capturing the love that Brennan and Rachel have was not because of me, but because of them. I'm so thankful to have met them and to work with such lovely people. Here are a few of my favorites from their session <3