Madagascar is an island about the size of Texas, just long. Very small, very poor. Yet, so beautiful.

I've never seen any place like it. It's so exotic! Beaches, rainforests, deserts, mountains...all on one small island!

We served alongside a missionary and his family in Madagascar. He guided us to all the villages and used our project to share the Gospel! If you don't know about Go Love Africa, you can head to their website to read the details on what we did.

We witnessed people getting saved and getting baptized! You could feel the love and the joy these people had. I was so humbled...When we are home, we complain so much about the smallest things...yet these people have nothing and are so happy! We drove to a village in the mountains the Sunday we were there. My heart was not prepared for what we were about to see... We got out of our cars and these people were sitting on mats made from trees worshipping the Lord. No instruments. No band. No lights. Just clapping and singing as loud as they possibly could. My heart was so filled with joy. It was just so beautiful. So many stories like this

to here are a few of my favorite images from the trip. It's a gallery, so be sure to hit the arrows on the side of the picture to see them all! I also linked a video that was put together so you could get a glimpse of my experience in Madagascar. If you have any questions or comments about the pictures or the video, feel free to comment on this page! :)